About Us

Our Mission: To be an efficient and customer-centric company, achieving the highest satisfaction for our customers. We aim to provide a premium range of quality tour experiences through outstanding, personalized services. To continually innovate in our product offerings, yet maintaining the flexibility to adapt to evolving market trends.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a Professional Travel Agency and the preferred choice for for well-researched, entertaining and engaging tour itineraries, distinguished by innovativeness and dedication to our customers.

Our Values: We strive to achieve excellence and deliver results in a professional and responsible way. These corporate values are the foundation of our company’s culture and guide our day-to-day interaction with each other.

A well-established Travel Agency licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board since 2005 and well-known for well-researched, entertaining and engaging tour itineraries. We found recognition and take ups of our tours from different customer segments.

Overseas visitors and Singaporeans alike join our trails to discover together with and through our guides the many facets that make our island country unique and very special.

Working on specialised trails and tours with government offices like the National Heritage Board or the National Environment Agency gives us insights into many specialised areas. The knowledge gained enhances all our trails and tours benefitting the participants through nuggets of information only shared on our trails and tours.

We are committed to entertain and enlighten with our well-researched stories and professional guides. We cater to different levels of customers and their expectations. We promise you the ‘Real Singapore’ and its sights, sounds and stories – our motto “Doing Something Different’ is not just a phrase, it’s a promise!

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