NE Trails for MINDEF

The activities/ trails are designed around the understanding of who we are as a people – our attitudes, values and instincts that make us Singaporeans – and the roles each of us plays that help build a strong nation able to weather all threats and crises.

Identity, pride and self-respect, the Singapore Story and the unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities are key-NE messages that are the guiding principle in the lay-out of tour commentaries.

Duration of trails:
Minimum 2.5 to 3 hours excluding travelling time to first venue

Tour Days:
Monday to Friday

Min. no of participants per group:
20 pax

NE Activity 1: Onwards Singapore

This trail meanders through the birthplace of our nation. It connects different times, events and personalities with tangible artefacts that tell the story of Singapore and its people from the past, present and the fast-evolving future with its many challenges.

“No industry is immune, and no occupation is safe. All of us need to begin to think in terms of our own inner strengths, our resilience and resourcefulness, our capacity to adapt and to rely upon ourselves and our families.” – Steven Pressfield

NE Activity 2: This is us!

Singapore prides itself as being multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial – a fact that need constant work! Care, trust and a common identity allows the many different communities to practice their traditions and religions in very close proximity to each other without tensions and discrimination. Singaporeans have overcome Racial Riots, intimidating, discriminating and disturbing use of Social Media safeguarding the fundamentals of Singapore’s society – peace and equality!

NE Activity 3: The New Frontiers

Grit and determination, resilience and the trust that it will work out is nowhere else so evident as in the creation, development and success of the Jurong Industrial Estate. Visionary men who dared to go where none had gone before overcame all set-backs and challenges and became the trailblazer of ‘Made in Singapore Innovation’.

NE Activity 4: The Northern Trail

This trail concentrates on the northern part of Singapore. The chosen site have more than one thread that connects them with each other; there is the political tread that highlights the British power before WWII and the impact of Singapore’s development as a Naval Base. Being a British Colony Singapore attracted people from all over the Commonwealth which connects with the historical thread and looking at different groups of people in the area has the human thread as its guide.

NE Activity 5: Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is an exciting trail that will require teams to work together to overcome roadblocks and obstacles as they race around the chosen area of either Kampong Glam / Little India / Chinatown or Civic District.

Each checkpoint will require teams to complete a team challenge before moving on; there are questions and/or tasks to fulfil while moving from one check-point to another. Location and all activities are varied and provide a good mix of problem solving type activities and fun recreational style challenges to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

Available Sites:
Kampong Glam / Little India / Chinatown / Civic District

Min. no of participants:
150 pax in 10 groups

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