Our Guides

Our team of dedicated and very passionate guides have been given many compliments, ‘brilliant story-teller’, ‘walking storybook of Singapore’ and ‘professional facilitator’ are only some of them; eager to provide memorable experiences they engage visitors with stories, artefacts and in-depth knowledge to share their passion and love for the destination, the people and cultures. Of course, all of them are fully certified by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)!

Please meet the Team of Lion Guides

Angie Lau

Angie – is a Master Guide – she started her career as a German Speaking Tourist Guide; having found her calling in sharing everything about the multi-racial and multi- cultural society that Singapore is. She takes pride in the fact that she can call this country home and keeps sharing with everyone why! Angie is also responsible for the smooth running of the administrative part of A+B!

Asogan Loganathan

Asogan – is a Master Guide – coming into the industry at a personal turning point Asogan has quickly established himself as a witty and well-versed facilitator of different tours for different groups of participants. One of his passions is charity work – organised by his extended family they travel once a year overseas to brighten up the days of underprivileged children with activities, games and lots of fun.

Bhajan Singh

Bhajan – is not only a Master Guide but the master of all guides in A+B! As the founder of the company he takes pride in his team and works hard with them and on them to keep up the high standard of professionalism and knowledge that is a trademark of all Lion Guides! Holding a Tourist Guide License himself, he knows what he is talking about – being awarded the Best Tourist Guides Award in 1984 he too represented the Singapore Tourism Industry in Japan!

Lynette Lee

Lynette – is a Master Guide – she is a master of many trades, literally, as she is not only entertaining visitors to Singapore but she also takes Singaporeans out on overseas trips as far as Europe and UK. Her passion lies in the environment too, experimenting with environmentally-friendly products she has always an interesting story to tell.

Manjeet Kaur

Manjeet – is a Master Guide – she has been in the Industry for many years. Starting off with a career as a true-blue Singapore Girl with Singapore Airlines she decided to stay on the ground and show visitors the sights and sounds of her home country. Manjeet is very passionate about her profession and is always on the look-out to add to and improve her tour delivery; as a Master Guide she also takes new guides under her wings and shows them the ropes.

Patrick Sng

Patrick – is a Master Guide – if he is not entertaining visitors on one of the many tours in Singapore he follows one of his other passions, saving the environment! Patrick actively organises beach-cleaning activities; he is passionate about books and likes to share his knowledge with his peers! He won the Best Tourist Guide Award 2014 and represented the Tourism Industry in Japan the same year.

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