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The SG Time Travellers Programme under the Education and Community Outreach Division (ECO) of the National Heritage Board (NHB) offers schools a range of thematic trails based on the theme of Singapore Spirit and values. The guided trails aim to develop students’ appreciation for Singapore’s history and heritage, understand Singapore’s pragmatic approach to overcoming its challenges, nurture students with values on national resilience and help shape their national identity. The set of trails will be filled with inspiring stories from major events that have shaped Singapore’s history and will be presented in the form of 10 experiential guided trail tours.

The programme is open to all public schools in Singapore and is specially catered for students from Upper Primary, Secondary schools, Tertiary institutions and Institutes of Higher Learning. This programme would complement the learning of Social Studies, History, National Education and Character and Citizenship Education. In addition, schools may also benefit from participating in the programme as part of learning journeys, field-based learning, Historical Investigation or post-exam activities.

To find out more on eligibility and funding please email to admin[a] or NHB Education Programmes (NHB) <nhb_educationprogrammes[a]>.

Trails available @ S$ 10 per students:

1. Backbone of a Nation (Jurong)

Grit, determination, resilience and belief is nowhere else so evident as in the creation, development and success of the Jurong Industrial Estate. Join us on a trip round Jurong as we learn about visionary men who dared to go where none had gone before to overcome set-backs and challenges to build the Singapore that we know of today.

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2. Pioneers and Philanthropists (Tiong Bahru)

Join us on a walk through the first SIT flats in Tiong Bahru, and visit the Singapore General Hospital’s museum as we learn about how communities were built on the basis of shared beliefs and common identity. See how these communities overcame challenges to emerge stronger and more resilient forging progress in medicine, community development and town planning.

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3. If Walls Could Speak (Civic District)

Different times, events and personalities have shaped the Singapore that we know of today. Join us on a walk around one of the busiest places in town to learn about the stories behind some of the buildings that we are so familiar with. Listen to the stories that these buildings have to tell and be amazed by what they have witnessed – a nation being built.

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4. Many Races, One Nation (Waterloo, Kg Glam, Little India

Singapore has seen a time of racial riots and tensions, but today the peace and harmony that we enjoy did not come by easily. Join us on a walk down Little India, Kampong Glam and Waterloo to learn about the different communities that live in these places. Learn about their practices, traditions, religion, and how they live together in close proximity to each other without tensions and discrimination.

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5. Aspirations, Actions and Achievements (Fort Canning / Jubilee Walk)

Probably the most historical site in Singapore, definitely the site with the most ‘First’ – Fort Canning holds lots of inspiring stories from Sang Nila Utama to Sir Stamford Raffles; mystery, mastery and memories will captivate any visitor and unravel history and many less known facts

6. Tales from the North (Kranji/ Sembawang)

Woodlands, Kranji and Sembawang areas located close to the Causeway and have seen a fair share of action during WWII. So there is no more fitting area for a War Memorial!
Having survived the war new challenges and constrains had to be overcome. The trail traces Singapore’s North from the war years to present day!

7. The Rock @ Blakan Mati (Sentosa/Fort Siloso)

Sentosa today is known as a destination to relax; have fun and some adventure.
But the island also holds a fair share of memories of the soldiers fighting for their life defending Singapore and the “Dark Years of Syonan” that followed.

The visit here will bring participants to Fort Siloso – a cornerstone in the seaward defence plans of the British Colonial Powers. Let your students explore tunnels, bunkers and see what life was like in ’those days’

8. Challenges, Choices and Change (Changi)

To most of us Changi is the door to the world with the airport connecting Singapore to many different countries around the globe.
Changi also has a place in history as the Old Changi Prison and many of the Army barracks became POW Camps. What has become of the area around Changi Village and how everything is connected in one way or another is the red thread running through this trail.

9. Water, Wind and Sun – sustainable solutions (Singapore River)

Water, wind and sun have always played an important role for Singapore. In the past it was the wind that brought trader from around the world to the port of Singapore. The water of the Singapore River became the lifeline of the island and the sun shon bright for all.
Today water is still an important element, providing energy and sustenance but is also challenging us. The wind and the sun provide us with energy and have lead to innovative an sustainable sources. Compere, evaluate and reflect on the findings on these three elements most of us don’t give a second thought.

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